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Sep 10

Symfony 3 framework tutorials

Symfony 3 framework tutorials

Soon I will publish an YouTube tutorial from this Symfony 3 tutorial

At the moment I am creating a serie of Symfony tutorials. From scratch I will show how you can create a new project.

Not just starting with an “Hello World” project, like many other tutorials. But with a full functional web shop. At first we will walk through the folder structures, the basics of the framework. After this, you can checkout a project folder from my repository to get a quick start.

Because I am not a designer, I will use a template, so we get a quick start. You will be free to use another template, our design something at your own. In case if you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Set-up the project

First we will take the time to set-up the project. This contains the basics about the Symfony framework, command-line but also the toolbar. The toolbar will help you a lot during programming. During the tutorials I will show you how to use it. The toolbar not only help you with the page views, but also Ajax requests.

Create our first controller

Our first controller will contain the products overview. It will be first a static controller with a few. Later we will make it dynamic using a database. The view will contain products what we repeat static.

The controller contain a router by PHP annotations. So you have the controllers and routers at the same place. With small changes we can then create new routes.

Database by Doctrine

Doctrine is going to help us creating a dynamic web shop. It contains our categories, products, users but also orders. Later we can extend it with transactions if you want.

With entities we going to communicate with the database. Repositories for the more functional requests.

Further we going to use commands, security settings and fixtures. Are you excited?